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My name is Marc and I am from Scotland but now live in Croatia due to my work with Online Marketing.

I am married to a beautiful Croatian Woman and have a 1 year old daughter with another on the way.

When I am not working on my online business I love spending time with my family, walking my first real love (no not my Wife, my 9 year old American Stafford Bull Terrier) and spending whatever time is left in the gym training Krav Maga, MMA and lifting weights!

I decided to start learning how make money online because since the age of 18 I have been travelling all over the world.

I have lived and travelled in over 45 countries and the thought of settling down was a nice idea but the thought of having a BOSS was not (besides my Wife of course 🙂 and going to an office every day just didn’t feel right!

So I tried every method out there. I have built and sold sites. I have had an offline company that sold SEO, Graphic design and anything else that I could think of that I could outsource (Arbitrage).

I made money selling solo ads, blogging, SEO consultation, CPA marketing, Clickbank Sniper Sites and everything in between.

So if you are looking for a start or a way to finally begin to live your dream of making money online then you have come to the right place!

If you have any questions then feel free to leave a comment and I will always get back to you.

To Your Success,